What Makes News?


News is information about current events, developments and issues affecting people locally, nationally and internationally. News is often a source of entertainment and leisure, providing analysis and interpretation of events in a way that helps the audience understand the world around them.

There are many different models of what makes news, but the key elements are usually:

Prominence: People are interested in the lives and activities of famous persons. Events such as awards ceremonies, new jobs and promotions of well-known individuals generate interest.

Controversy: People like controversies. Issues of conflict, charges and counter-charges, fights and tensions all make good news stories.

Usefulness: News helps the reader keep up with everyday matters such as weather forecasts and train timings. It also informs the public about government policies and procedures.

Entertainment: News provides a break from serious news through features, entertainment and cultural coverage. This may include celebrity gossip, TV and film reviews, music and theatre reviews and even crosswords.

Writing news focused content requires you to know who you are writing for. Often this is obvious based on the location of the news or newspaper, but it can be narrowed down further if the article is about a specific event or topic. This will help you focus on the facts and avoid adding your own interpretation or bias to the story. You will also need to be aware of any legal restrictions on what you can write, such as not publishing confidential information or libelous statements.

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