What Is News and How Does It Affect Us?


News is a medium that carries information about happenings in the world. It can be viewed in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the internet. People have different opinions about the news they read, watch or listen to depending on their choice of media. However, most media sources have some basic characteristics that are shared within the news business and among audiences.

Most of the news we read, watch and hear has some kind of dramatic element to it. It may involve good and bad characters or situations where it is clear who is right and wrong. People also like controversies and conflicts so news stories that contain arguing, charges and counter-charges are very popular. People are interested in celebrities and public figures so if something happens to them that affects a broad group of people it becomes newsworthy.

People are very interested in health so stories about traditional remedies, medical research and diseases as well as hospitals and clinics are a big draw. People are also very interested in things that happen in their local community. News that includes police activity, natural disasters and traffic incidents all have a place in the media. News can also have educational value as people are informed about government policies and train timings for example.

Students can investigate how the same news story is portrayed by different media sources by choosing one newspaper to follow and then turning on TV or radio to see how a similar story is being reported there. This will give them a more complete understanding of how the news is presented and could even change the way they view the world.

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