What Is News and How Does It Affect Us?


News is information about things that affect people in their daily lives. It is usually reported in a way that entertains as well as informs. It is a form of popular culture, and the audience often shares the same values as the creators of news stories.

Generally, it is more interesting to read about events that happen locally or nationally. For example, a major earthquake will affect many people and is a significant event for most societies. A small earthquake in a remote region will affect few people and is less likely to make the news.

In deciding what to report, news editors consider several factors when choosing which events are worthy of inclusion in their newspapers or on their radio or television programs. The most important factor is timeliness – it must have happened recently. The next most important is its impact. A large-scale disaster such as a flood or hurricane will affect many people and have an impact on society as a whole. A small local event such as the discovery of a new species of insect might be of interest to specialists, but will not hold general appeal.

People are also interested in stories about famous people – what they do, how they look and what they say. People are often fascinated by the controversies that surround them, and may be even more interested in their downfalls. Societies are also often interested in their health, and news stories about medical research, traditional remedies, diseases, hospitals and clinics are of interest.

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