What is News?

News is a collection of current events or information gathered and written to inform readers on a subject. It can be about anything, from a war to a celebrity scandal and everything in between. News articles must be well researched and have a strong focus on the main point. They are also important in promoting accountability by holding politicians, businesses and organizations responsible for their actions.

Generally, the most important news stories are placed ‘above the fold’ in newspapers (the term comes from the crease made when the paper is folded). In online journalism this means the top story should be read first as it will be seen by the largest number of people. This means that writing a good headline is vital as it will encourage readers to continue reading.

The most common topics for news are war, politics, crime, money, fashion, health, the environment and sport. Government proclamations and royal ceremonies are also popular with newspaper editors, but ordinary or everyday events rarely make the news. For example, if a man wakes up, makes breakfast and takes the bus to work, that is not newsworthy – it is an everyday event which does not interest most people. However, if the same man was murdered, that would be big news and very much worth reading about.

Famed people, such as celebrities, also make news when they are involved in scandals, lose a great deal of money or go bankrupt. People are interested in their own health, so news about traditional remedies, medical research, diseases and hospitals are often of interest. Finally, all societies are interested in sex and so some sex news is usually of interest to readers.

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