What Is News?

News is a general term that refers to information that is spread quickly from one place to another. It can include anything that affects the community in a positive or negative way, from war to health news and government announcements to political developments.

The people who make the decisions about what becomes news are called editors, directors and managers at various media organizations (print, broadcasting or cable television, Internet). These people take recommendations from reporters, assistant editors and other staff within the organization, as well as from the audience they are serving.

They are experts on their field and work with a variety of tools to select and disseminate stories that are likely to catch the interest of their audiences, whether they are readers, viewers or listeners. This is the reason why it is important for you to watch a variety of different types of news programs, read a variety of newspapers, listen to a variety of radio and TV stations.

In addition, you may want to spend a little time watching television programs or reading the newspaper that don’t tend to get as much attention as others. This practice will help you become more familiar with how news is presented across various media, which in turn can broaden your own understanding of how the world works.

While many people have a very strong opinion about the news, they usually do not understand how it’s actually delivered and what factors influence the selection of stories for publication. This LAMPLit will explore these topics and more, so that you can better identify and differentiate the types of news that you receive.

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