What Is Fashion and Why Is It Important?


Fashion is more than just a trend – it’s a way to express your sense of style, to communicate something that’s important to you. Think about the roaring 20’s, when women (and men) were finally able to be bold and glamorous – it was through fashion that they communicated this sense of freedom to the world.

Fashion also reflects the social and cultural attitudes of a time. The fashion of a period can give you clues about the politics, the economy, and even the mood of the people.

It is a multibillion dollar industry and reflects our desire to express ourselves in the things that we wear and use. Keeping up with trends can be hard, especially as they come and go quickly. Fashion magazines, shows and blogs are a great place to get ideas and see what’s new.

Interestingly, many styles that have been “out of fashion” for a while can re-enter the fashion scene. This may be because of new discoveries, such as the popularity of Turkish, Chinese and Japanese fabrics at different times in history. It could also be a reaction to changing economic or political climates, such as the resurgence of hip-hop or the popularity of lace in the 1700’s.

Fashion is also a tool for social engineering – it can influence the opinions of others, if you are careful about what you say and how you look. For example, if you dress in a certain way that is out of the norm for your area, it can mark you as different from other members of society. This can make you a target for ridicule or bullying, so be careful how you express yourself.

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