Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the relationship between hotels and travel has been around for centuries. Hotels provide accommodations, meals, and other services to travelers. However, hotels also have a role in linking travelers to destinations. Choosing the right hotel for your stay can be important for maximizing your enjoyment of a trip.

The hotel industry in the United States expanded at unprecedented rates after World War II. The industry was fueled by the postwar economic boom, a growth in organized labor, and the proliferation of the interstate highway system. Combined, the three factors fueled a massive increase in travel.

The hotel industry also became a key arena in domestic political struggle. During the postwar years, Americans traveled abroad in record numbers.

The rapid growth of the railroads also helped to catalyze the third generation of hotels. Railroad hotels provided places for travelers to rest before they boarded their sleeping cars.

In addition, the rapid growth of passenger aircraft increased travel. Railroad hotels also provided a place for travelers to stop and eat.

Today, the American hotel industry has become a huge national industry. Hotels offer overnight stays for a fee. Depending on the hotel, guests may also receive complimentary amenities.

Many hotels offer special industry rates. These rates can include discounts for family members or employees. Some hotels may also waive their cancellation policy before your trip. This can be a huge advantage.

If you need special accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility or a room with a bath, you may want to book a room ahead of time. This can save you money, especially during peak seasons.

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