Spotting Law Issues Online


Whether you are a law student, attorney, or legal professional, spotting legal issues is an important skill. Spotting issues helps you prepare for your legal career.

Legal issues can arise for many different reasons. They can come from problems at work, problems with family, or unexpected events.

You can find cases that involve legal issues online. The easiest way to find cases is to check your law library’s online services. Some of these services are free, while others require a nominal print fee. These services allow you to update your research quickly and easily.

One example is Lexis/Nexis’s Shepard’s Citations. This service is available at many law libraries. You can also use Westlaw. Some county law libraries have subscriptions to these services.

There are also a few online services that feature cases from the US Supreme Court. These include US Reports and Landmark Briefs. These services feature summaries of briefs filed by either the plaintiff or defendant. The reports also include summaries of the arguments and actions taken by the lower courts.

Another online service that features cases from the US Supreme Court is North Western Reporter. This service includes cases from six different states.

The US Reports and Landmark Briefs series also contain summaries of cases from the US Supreme Court. These cases are sorted by state and place of trial.

In addition to these services, there are many other online resources to help you with your research. Some of these services include West’s KeyCite, which allows you to pay online to update your research references.

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