An Automobile is a wheeled passenger vehicle that carries its own motor. They typically have seating for one to seven people and are constructed principally for the transport of passengers rather than goods.

They can be faster and more convenient than walking or riding a bicycle, depending on the quality of public transport in the area. They can also go places that are not possible for other wheeled vehicles.

The automobile is the result of many technical innovations, including an internal combustion engine and a transmission system. These technologies have led to the rapid growth of the industry.

There are a number of different types of automobiles, each designed for specific purposes. They include industrial, commercial, and emergency vehicles.

In the past, most automobiles were powered by electricity. However, these were heavy and slow. Electric power was used in some cars until the 20th century when gas-powered engines became more reliable and popular.

Today, most vehicles use an internal combustion engine, fueled by gasoline, diesel or kerosene. The engine can be a spark-ignition (using petrol) or compression ignition (using diesel) type.

An important aspect of the transmission system is a clutch, which connects the engine to the road wheels. A large tractive effort is required when starting from rest, and this ‘leverage’ provided by the clutch allows torque from the engine to be transmitted to the road wheels in sufficient speed to overcome their resistance and propel the automobile forward.

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